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Content Delivery and Distribution Services

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

    Accelia provides distributed content delivery services for static and streaming content in Japan.

    Accellion offers secure large file delivery services (e.g., replacing email, ftp, and CDs).

    Akamai, the company that made content delivery networks famous with a record-setting IPO. Core offering is distribution services (both http content and streaming media), and has recently unbundled other services including network monitoring and geographic targetting. In April 2000, Akamai purchased InterVu; in 2005, Akamai purchased Speedera, and in 2007, Netli.

    AppStream provides content delivery services for applications, not static web content. It delivers what the client needs to get started, and continues to anticipate what the user will need next, enabling fast startup times, even for large Java applications.

    AT&T offers Intelligent Content Distribution services.

    BitGravity is a content distribution network, established in 2006, to provide services for the delivery of audio, video, software, and advertising.

    CacheNetworks offers the CacheFly CDN, which uses BGP AnyCast to find the server with lowest latency to the user.

    CDNetworks provides content acceleration with a global network of POPs and serves as Asia's largest CDN service provider.

    EdgeCast (founded 2006) is a content delivery network (CDN) offering Flash, Windows, Silverlight and HTTP Progressive download streaming all for the same low price. They also provide website acceleration for increasing web site performance and speeding up page load times as well as advanced reporting and analytics.

    EdgeStream provides video delivery solutions, including a complete software platform from client to server and a distributed and fault-tolerant hosting network.

    Limelight Networks offers an advanced content delivery network for Internet distribution of high-bandwidth media such as video, music, games, and downloads.

    LocalMirror offers a managed content delivery network for static content delivery, DNS services, and audio and video streaming.

    Mirror Image provides content and streaming delivery services through a global network of Content Access Points. In March 1999, Xcelera purchased a majority of Mirror Image, and in January 2001, Xcelera/Mirror Image purchased Clearway Technologies.

    NaviSite offers two content delivery services: Delta Edge, which builds content on the edge, updating only the portions that have changed, and HotRoute, which provides network-based proximity detection to select the closest server to deliver the requested content.

    Panther Express offers a reliable, scalable, yet cost effective content delivery solution.

    Peer 1's Rapid Edge CDN provides global load balancing across its network of caches with on-demand propagation.

    Savvis offers Content Delivery Services that were once under the names of Sandpiper, Digital Island, and Exodus.

    TTS Europe focuses on media rich electronic learning with its quantum solution for distributing and tracking media-rich e-learning content throughout your network. It is a scalable and flexible CDN that integrates with a learning management system or intranet training database.

    SyncCast provides CDN web-casting services as well as DRM and ad-insertion products.

    VitalStream (purchased by InterNap in Feb 2007) provides media streaming and broadcasting services including pay-per-view, on-demand streaming, and live-event streaming.

Companies offering content delivery (and related) software

    Castify Networks (purchased Dec 2007 by Omneon) provides technology for large scale and high quality streaming media delivery, including ad insertion, scheduling, and distribution restriction.

    Blue Coat offers caching and compression solutions.

    Circadence provides the Conductor QOS Managed Service, which incorporates caching, content and customer prioritization, managed transport, and soft landing (sort of a Web busy signal).

    Cisco offers a number of products (including content-aware routers, switches, caches, etc.) as part of its Content Networking initiative.

    Imperial Software Technology (IST) offers DeltaStream which transmits live data to interested websites to deliver dynamic, real-time information.

    Kasenna's MediaBase provides content management and distribution for high-quality video.

    Radware supplies products for web server, cache, and firewall traffic management.

    RepliWeb offers software to distribute content by replication across systems.

    Resonate supplies software solutions for multisite redundancy, load-balancing, monitoring and management.

    SinoCDN provides the intelligent streaming gateway appliance with which streaming content delivery networks can be built, supporting the major streaming protocols.

    Solid State Networks uniquely uses the BitTorrent protocol to provide speedy content delivery at a lower cost.

    Software Pursuits offers SureSynch file synchronization software for Windows clients and servers.

    In addition to proxy caches, Stratacache offers software and hardware CDN solutions, targeted primarily to the enterprise.

    WARP Solutions offers a products such as a dynamic content accelerator to optimize application server performance.

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