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    Here are all the available proxy cache systems and services known to me. Note that features and performance vary, such as which net protocols (such as HTTP, FTP, GOPHER, etc.) are supported for caching, and which inter-cache communication methods are used (ICP, CARP, WCCP).

    Thanks to Duane Wessels' Information Resource Caching FAQ for many of the entries on this list. There is also a table comparing some of the commercial systems available.

Products listed: AllegroSurf, Apache, Appcelera, Avantis ContentCache, Avirt, Blue Coat, CachePortal, CacheXpress, CacheRaq, engageIP, CERN/W3C, Certeon (InfoLibria), Cisco Cache Engine, DeleGate, Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy, Fireclick Blueflame, Harvest, IBM Websphere Edge Server, iMimic DataReactor, Jigsaw, Lucent's IPWorX, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, MOWS, NetCache, NetFilter, NetHawk, Netplicator, Netscape Proxy Server, Rebel.com NetWinder, Oops, Oracle Application Server Web Cache, Polipo, Pushcache Cuttlefish, RabbIT, Roxen, SoftRouter Plus, Spaghetti, Squid, Stratacache, Sun Java System Web Proxy, 3Com SuperStack 3 Webcache, Swell Tsunami, SwiftSurf, TeraNode, Viking, Wcol, WebCleaner, WinGate, WinProxy, WinRoute, WWWOFFLE, and XCache.

    Rhinosoft's AllegroSurf provides proxies for various protocols, including HTTP, and provides prefetching of page links.

    Anonimizer provides anonymous web services including browsing, email, and publishing.

    The Apache HTTP server has a caching module.

    Kintronics offers the plug and play Avantis ContentCache proxy appliance, supporting remote administration of a network of proxies.

    Intelogis offers the Avirt line of internet sharing and caching products for the home as well as small and medium-sized business use under Windows. [Product used to be called Spaghetti.]

    Blue Coat's proxy appliances provide visibility and control of Web communications to protect against risks from spyware, Web viruses, inappropriate Web surfing, instant messaging, video streaming and peer-to-peer file sharing - while improving Web performance through caching.

    CacheXpress is a high performance proxy server for Windows environments supporting transparent and authenticated modes and WCCP 1 & 2.

    NEC Solutions America released CachePortal, which accelerates corporate application performance.

    The CERN/W3C HTTPd was the original proxy cache (actually a caching httpd server), developed initially at CERN and later maintained at the W3C.

    The Cisco Cache Engine sits next to (mostly) Cisco routers and receives transparently redirected HTTP requests.

    Certeon now sells and supports InfoLibria's product line.

    DeleGate is a free multi-purpose proxy server which runs on multiple platforms (Unix, Windows and OS/2, source available).

    The Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy is software for Windows serving as a highly configurable accelerated reverse proxy. Source code is available.

    Blueflame, by Fireclick, is server-based software to accelerate content-delivery by predicting requests and pushing those ojects to the client.

    IBM Websphere Edge Server supports forward/reverse caching, server load balancing, and content filtering and runs on AIX, Linux, Windows NT/2000, and Solaris.

    iMimic offers the DataReactor series of caching products with high price-performance.

    Lucent offers the IPWorX product line, which includes web caching, redirection, as well as content management and reporting.

    Jigsaw is W3C's reference implementation for HTTP/1.1 and has a caching module.

    LogiSense offers caching solutions called engageIP cache server in an appliance form and for Linux.

    Microsoft offers the Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) server which incorporates caching and replaces the Microsoft Proxy Server.

    MOWS is a modular, distributed web and cache server written in Java.

    NetCache was originally based on the Harvest research code. In March of 1997, Network Appliance acquired the NetCache product.

    NetFilter is a proxy cache with a specialized filtering capability and service, ported to many UNIX platforms.

    NetHawk, a high-performance software HTTP proxy cache, was originally developed as Peregrine by Pei Cao and her students at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, and was available from Tasmania Network Systems. In October 1999, Cisco purchased Tasmania Network Systems.

    Unitech Networks offers Netplicator, a caching appliance that can function either as a proxy cache or a reverse proxy (server accelerator), along with IntelliDNS, a replacement for bind that can distribute requests to local mirrors instead of distant servers (as well as perform load-balancing and ensure high target availability).

    The lead architect of the Netscape Proxy Server was also the primary developer of the CERN proxy.

    Rebel.com offers a series of Linux-based NetWinder products and appliances that allow a single connection to be shared and use caching to speed access.

    The Novell BorderManager FastCache is a proxy cache running under Novell and NT-based networks.

    The Oops proxy server is a thread-based proxy cache with objects stored in a few large files.

    Oracle offers a reverse cache solution called the Oracle Application Server Web Cache. It uses commodity hardware to cache and compress both static and dynamic Web content.

    Polipo is a (mostly) compliant HTTP/1.1 web proxy supporting IPv6, pipelining, and SOCKS.

    Pushcache.com offers Cuttlefish, an open-source implementation of their pushcache services based on Squid.

    RabbIT is a web proxy that speeds up web surfing over slow links through compression, image re-rendering, ad-blocking, etc.

    The free Roxen Challenger httpd server includes a proxy caching services. Available for UNIX and NT.

    Squid is a freely available caching package, derived from the Harvest research software. Squid runs on many Unix platforms and caches HTTP, FTP, and Gopher requests.

    Stratacache offers a line of proxy cache appliances.

    Sun offers its Java System Web Proxy Server, supporting forward and reverse configurations, filtering, and authentication. 3Com sells the line of SuperStack 3 Webcaches as appliances based on Inktomi's caching software.

    Swell Technology has a range of linux-based proxy caches in their Tsunami CPX series.

    The SwiftSurf web proxy supports page filtering and authentication. Entera offered a multi-protocol caching system called TeraNode, but has since been purchased by CacheFlow.

    Viking is a Windows proxy with support for many protocols (HTTP, POP3, SMTP, FTP, ICP) and works as an origin server. Also performs prefetching.

    Vicomsoft offers a number of gateway and connection sharing products, including RapidCache, a Windows-based proxy cache, and their InterGate product which includes a caching component. Available for Windows and Macintosh.

    Wcol uses prefetching to reduce latency at the expense of increased bandwidth. Also has a catalyst mode (non-caching) that just provides hints to another proxy cache.

    WebCleaner is a filtering web proxy, supporting Linux and Windows. Deerfield.com offers WinGate, a proxy server for Windows 95/NT that also allows a local network to share a single Internet connection.

    WinProxy, from Ositis Software, is a Windows-based proxy providing caching, filtering, and combined access for multiple machines via a single net connection.

    Tiny Software offers a series of WinRoute Windows-based products to connect your workgroup or larger to the net using NAT, and includes a proxy cache component.

    After it's 2000 acquisition of Workfire, Packeteer released Appcelera, which uses loss-less compression, page size reduction, client bandwidth detection, and intelligent page rendering in it's role as an httpd accelerator.

    The World Wide Web OFFLine Explorer (WWWOFFLE) is a free, simple proxy server for use with dialup net links that caches contents, allows offline browsing, optional blocking, and more.

    XCache Technologies (previously known as Post Point Software) offers a server-side software-based accelerator that caches and compresses Active Server Pages.

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